Gelbvieh Sale Bulls

 The following 2022 Gelbvieh Bulls are available for Private Sale     

Gladstone Jonah J20 - Sold    

Dam: Gladstone Tessa B69

Sire: DDGR Resilient 275D (IMP USA)

BW: 43kg 200 DW: 315kg 400 DW: 531kg Current Weight: 626kg


Top pick of the bulls in this age group, new genetics from the sire that has added a lot of meat to the back end. Very well put together, quiet and a smooth shoulder. The dam B69 Tessa is one of the top two cows in our herd, she is the dam of Gladstone Elite E87 (AI) that we’ve used over our MA cows for a number of years.


Gladstone Jackson J21    

Dam: Gladstone Paula E91

Sire: Arapahoe 207A (IMP USA)

BW: 42kg 200 DW: 327kg 400 DW: 555kg Current Weight: 654kg


This bull has exceptional growth and carcass traits, we have used his AI sire through our herd and has proven his worth. J21 has a great temperament and we feel he’d have a positive impact on any herd.


Gladstone Judge J7    

Dam: Gladstone Rose D98

Sire: Gladstone Elite E87 (AI)

BW: 40kg 200 DW: 322kg 400 DW: 502kg Current Weight: 580kg


Very tidy well-structured bull, great balance in this guy. The sire Gladstone Elite has proven himself well in all areas, fertility, growth and temperament. J7 Judge and J25 Jubilee are the last of his offspring on offer.


Gladstone Jubilee J25    

Dam: Gladstone Tessa E114

Sire: Gladstone Elite E87 (AI)

BW: 45kg 200 DW: 293kg 400 DW: 507kg Current Weight: 600kg


Another well put together bull with a strong head and jaw. The dam goes back to the Tessa line of cows that have made real impact on our herd, with strong fertility that have consistently preformed on our higher elevation (400m above sea leave) medium hill country.


Semen Available - Gladstone Red Baron N19 [Polled]    

Born 08/08/93

Birth Wt. 44 kgs

Mature Wt 1090 kgs

Imported as an embryo from Canada in 1992, his dam Paula C Herman 49P was the best Gelbvieh female I had seen in my extensive travels throughout North Americain the early nineties. She is also dam of the famous Canadian full blood bull Gold Star 4W.

Red Baron was a multi Interbreed Champion in his day and has sired almost 300 pure bred Gelbvieh in New Zealand, semen and embryos have been exported to Australia, UK, Denmark and China.


Semen Available - Stirling Galaxy G4    

This is an exceptional bull we have used over our Mixed Age cows, well muscled, very structurely sound, and docile. 

AI Bull sired by JDPD Astro 407S

Semen straws available. 

EBVs and pedigree 

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