Gelbvieh Sale Bulls

Gladstone Danny Boy D38    MCCPD0038

Used in service. 100% conception over 25 stud cows. An exceptional young sire by outcross Canadian trait leader Davidson Dan. Traits observed: BWT, 200WT, 400WT, SS, FAT, EMA, IMF. SCURRED.

EBVs and pedigree 

Gladstone Dinkey D50    MCCPD0050

An extra long and well muscled bull, great temperament with outstanding carcass EBV's. Traits observed: BWT, 400 WT, SS, FAT, EMA, IMF. Polled

EBVs and pedigree 

Gladstone Davey Jones D94 (Balancer)    MCC1D0094

Used in service, A "Balancer" bull out of our top stud Angus cows. Davey Jones was the highest ranked bull for  IMF out of the 32 yearling bulls. Traits Observed: BWT, 200WT, 400WT, SS, FAT, IMF, EMA. Polled.


 Gladstone Danger Man D38    MCCPD0032

Purebred AI Polled Bull by Canadian Trait Leader Davidson Dan.

EBVs and pedigree 

 Gladstone De Kux D93    MCC2D0093

Polled Red Bull.

EBVs and pedigree 

 Gladstone Die Hard D78    MCCPD0078

Purebred Black Polled Bull.

EBVs and pedigree 

 Gladstone Diesal D74 (Balancer)    MCC2D0074

A "Balancer" bull with the highest EMA of the 32 Yearlings, great temperment. 

EBVs and pedigree 

 Gladstone De Ja Vu D28 (Balancer)    MCCPD0028

Red Polled Balancer Bull.

EBVs and pedigree 

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